-Collect, Scope, Review and Create Clinical Evaluation Reports

MedDev Compliant, Audit Ready

AI + Scientific Research = Powerful Literature Reviews


Search, Identify, Appraise, Analyze & Document CERs

MEDDEV Compliant CER tool
  • Search Publications and Clinical Trials
  • Configure questions per user
  • Document Exclusion Criteria
  • Clinical Evaluation Report
  • Data Discoveries using Artificial Intelligence
  • Create exclusion report
  • Link Pubmed to to Google Scholar
  • Document and Organize Research
  • Share Research Output
  • Quickly rank, categorize and comment on publications
  • Data Archival and Storage
  • Quality Publications Faster

Linking Biomedical Data Across 30,000 sources

All your data connected

Web-based platform to streamline your literature review process for Clinical Evaluation Report (CER). Perta is a new platform for to help you search faster, configure questions, document your review process and quickly analyze clinical data.

  • Mission - Provide quality solutions to accelerate drug discovery and clinical research, ultimately save patient lives.
  • On-time - Rather than spending days or weeks researching, how about hours?
  • Experience - Our data experts have years of technology and science experience linking data across silos to help provide faster results at a fraction of the cost.
  • Team - Data driven staff working together to identify better ways to save patient lives.

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